The Queen and the Nazi salute

So today The Sun newspaper excreted another fine example of mindless nonsense from a Rupert Murdoch owned news outlet, it should be noted that this comes in the same week that Fox News reader Brian Kilmeade suggested that sharks should be cleared from the water after surfer Mick Fanning escapes from attack.

However what makes today's article more disturbing is that going from the social media responses, people seem to believe what they are reading in this dirty rag of a paper. As is the case with most tabloid headlines it seems that this article has been written to do nothing more than stir up a knee jerk reaction of half baked opinions on social media.

If these people could just take off their Murdoch tinted glasses, they would be able to see that all this video clips shows, is a 7 year old girl in 1933 giving a Nazi salute, at the urging of her uncle, with no real idea what it meant or would come to mean. I haven't seen the Sun publishing any headlines attacking the England football team of 1938 for giving the same salute before their friendly game against German. Or headlines decrying the countless Olympic Athletes and spectators that had to do the same during the 1936 Olympic Games.

This then begs the question "why attack the Queen?" I can only assume in the Sun's case that it is a desperate attempt to attract readers. As for the those who crawled from the social media woodwork, to hurl abuse at the Queen and the Royal family as a whole. I can only assume that the they did so because they either;

Really do believe that something the Queen naively did as a 7 year old girl, means that she has secretly been a Nazi for the past 80 years.

Or they are so use to feeling aggrieved by the system because Rupert Murdoch and his cronies say they should be, that they are ready to rant an rave at the drop of a hat about what every topic they are told to.

Some of the quotes I read today just prove the point that it people are so ready to go along with the crowd, and buy into this tabloid rubbish quotes like;

"The Queen is a German anyway"

"The royal family were all Nazi sympathisers"

It is beyond belief why people don't just try doing a bit of research before coming out with this kind of statement.

Of course once you start down the path of attacking the Queen or a member of the Royal the "down with the monarchy" bandwagon starts to roll. I wonder just how many of these anti-royals realise that the family they hate so much generates roughly £600 million a year in tourism revenue for the country. I wonder if they have an idea where exactly would that money come from if they got their wish? You can be certain it would be coming from Rupert Murdoch!

Going back to the point in hand, who can honestly say hand on heart that haven't said or done something when they were a child that in hindsight they shouldn't have? I bet everyone who reads this post has at some point in their childhood done something they regret, and if anyone says they haven't then I'd have to say they are lying.

Personally I am glad we have a monarchy, and in my humble opinion I believe they are an asset to our nation. They are our point of focus in times of celebration and times of national remembrance, they attract visitors from around the globe. What we can not forget however is that strip away they pomp and ceremony and what you have is a normal family, people like you and I who make mistakes, some of them bad and some like this one which was nothing more than a naive child playing a game with her family.

God save the Queen.