I swear he is plotting to kill me

Berlin and China both have or have had their respective walls, well now in a manor speaking so does my staircase, however my offering to the world of fortifications is made of cardboard rather than concrete or stone.

The primary purpose of this not so well constructed barrier? It is there to keep a certain feline menace from getting upstairs in the middle of the night, to perform the kind of sneak attacks and stealth manoeuvres, that would make the most well trained ninja stop and take notes.

You see dear friends several days ago I finally gave in to the repeated requests of my offspring and we adopted a kitten. I had vowed that we were never having any more pets, but after what could possibly have been the 1000th time of been asked "Daddy can I have a kitten?" I crumbled. So, after a quick trip to the pet shop, to buy all the essentials we needed, off we went to the local RSPCA shelter and came back with this little ball of insanity.


Do not be fooled by his cute exterior this creature is a murderous little demon, but it should have come as no surprise to me that he would be a handful. As every pet that has ever lived beneath this roof seems to suffer some form of mild mental illness, even the goldfish had a delusional glint in its eyes.

There is however no denying that when he is not trying to murder my toes in the in the middle of the night or endeavouring to peel the skin from my arms he is rather adorable.