Ever had one of those weeks?

So I started the week with a stinking cold which in turn developed into dizziness and vomiting, this then progressed to crippling headache and stabbing pain in the ear. After a couple of days of this I gave up and went to see the G.P. the diagnosis was that I had a ear infection which was the cause of the dizziness and vomiting. Fear not antibiotics would be the miracle cure, or not as it would turn out, cue a pain below my rib cage that felt like I’d been used as a punch bag.

After Googling my symptoms and dismissing pancreatitis, liver disease and pregnancy as the cause I looked up the side effects of the antibiotics and sure enough there were my symptoms. So back to the G.P. I went this morning to see what could be done and apparently for all the pain they have caused the antibiotics have done the trick and the swelling in my ear has reduced and can be managed by good old paracetamol from here on in, and the abdominal pain should ease within 24 hours of stopping taking the antibiotics.

Lets hope this week will be a better one.